La gran noche de La Rioja agraria

La Rioja’s great agrarian night

The Farmer Awards , known as “Los Premios del Campo” held last December where Eva María González Sarramián, Ganados Macuto, Alexander Junquera, Campomiel, Javier Madrigal y Nuez de Pedroso were the winners.


This third edition represents the final consolidation of these awards that were born with a clear potential of continuity, a fact that is now confirmed. The Farmer Awards ( Los Premios del Campo) have already embraced this sector and proof of this is the ongoing growth of the number of candidates, as well as their quality, that the organization has been receiving. This fact shows the improvement of the initiative but at the same time it becomes more difficult for the jury to make a decision. José Antonio del Río (Diario LA RIOJA) newspaper, Estrella Domínguez, Javier Lasanta (Nueva Rioja),newspaper, Maite de Pablo (Bankia) , Bank y José Miguel Peña (Universidad de La Rioja) , Univeristy of La Rioja, were the jurors.

The award for the Cooperatives and Companies category went to Ganados Macuto, a benchmark in the sheep sector with more than fifty thousand head of sheep in Bañares.


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