Premios del campo - La Rioja

The “Farmer Awards” winners


The joy for the recognition was passed on to producers as well as to their proud families. An emotional gala party to reward the hard work and dedication of the heroes of the Riojan primary sector.

Premios del campo - La Rioja
Field AwardsJaime Aparicio, Ascensión Guerrero, Olatz Aranzábal, Andrés Aparicio y el pequeño Ander Aparicio. / JUAN MARÍN

The awards, which stand out for its simplicity, were organized by the newspaper “Diario LA RIOJA” and the bank “BANKIA” . No more and no less, they are highlighted by the identifying primary sector stamp and all the good deeds of the leading people involved. Effort, dedication and research are behind this recognition that today is known as zero-kilometre, seasonal or proximity products.

The winners are divided into six categories.

Ganados Macuto was the winner for the Cooperatives and Companies category. The winner is a benchmark in the sheep sector with more than fifty thousand head of sheep in Bañares and Arenzana. This family owned company has well improved with regards to the animal welfare and reaches a better position in the large retail sector.

We can not forget about it also helps being honoured with this award, the Christmas lamb that Jaime Aparicio prepares for the special orders that take place during the Christmas holidays.

The President of the Community of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, attended the award presentation which was held at the Technological Scientific building.

Tradition should not be at odds with evolution or researches and this was clearly stated by the President during the presentation.

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