GANADOS MACUTO was established in 1974 in the town of Bañares (La Rioja). This is a self made company, powered by the satisfaction of good results, where we work every day to offer our customers the highest quality.

Nowadays, the third family generation keeps the legacy alive as it provides the company with the most innovative technologies for the animal welfare and the quality of their meat. At the same time, the company is expanding nationwide and also internationally.

Three generations, guarantee years of
broad experience and professionalism

GANADOS MACUTO is a family owned business has been passed down from parents to children, inspired by their passion for animals, their perseverance and their daily efforts. They have always worked hard to offer their customers the best quality of products.

The development of our farms,
the animal welfare and the high and ideal quality
of our products are the mainstays of the company.

At GANADOS MACUTO, we are committed to animal welfare.

The facilities are perfectly ventilated , volume measured in order to be able to accommodate the lambs and sheep in the best possible conditions. In addition, we provide them with wide-open spaces to improve their comfort and quality.